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Messages icon is incorrect with winterboard themes

Jailbroken iPhones with winterboard installed sure have a lot of nice themes out there to choose from. The problem is that some of these themes don’t update the text messages icon. So what happens is you apply a nice theme, such as Deep, but the unchanges messages icon sticks out like a sore thumb.

dockmessagesOne of these things just doesn’t belong…

Why it happens: When 3.0 was released, apple changed the name of this icon from “Text.png” to “Messages.png”

How you fix your winterboard themes: You’ve got to just change the name! This fix works with any theme that has this issue.

SSH/bonjour into your phone. I personally like to use CyberDuck and connect with bonjour

CyberduckJust click your iPhone when it appears in the list (mine is named Cadence). You’ll be prompted to login, which is username “root” and password “alpine”.

Cadence.local. – SFTPThis will reveal the iPhone file system. To change the icon name, you’ll want to navigate to /Library/Themes/[theme name]/icons and then find and rename “Text.png” to “Messages.png”. These icon names are case sensitive, so make sure that you put a capital M in there.

Then reboot/respring that phone and you’re set!